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Santa Lucía.

She was one of the first populations of the Canelones department, founded for the year 1782 with the name of Town San Juan Bautista.

Also it was a place of tourist residence of out-standing personalities, like the grandfather of Bartolomé Mitre and Dámaso Antonio Larrañaga. Also it received prestigious tourists, as ex-. Argentine president, Domingo Sarmiento y Juárez Celman and the watercolorist Juan Besnes Irigoyen, who took shape in several of his works the Saint Lucia of these years.

At the beginning of the XXth century there kept on being favorite place of intellectual Montevideans, like José Pedro Varela, writer José Enrique Rodó, and Luisa Luisi; that were coming to this one beautiful place to spend the summer period, also here he was born and Clemente Estable passed his childhood.

A city that had the fortune of which the recognized singer of tangos Carlos Gardel. was visiting it; and in 1997 it was chosen to film the Argentine movie "The Faro".

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Faro de Punta del Este

Know the Faro of Punta del Este, the most ancient construction of the holiday vacations



Sceneries and diverse ways of life tied to the environment (cities, spas and rural areas) believe a confluence of customs that award him the only characteristics.

Canelones, Departamento

Canelones Capital

It is the capital and administrative center of the department of Canelones.

Canelones, Canelones, capital


Pando is a city of the department of Canelones.

Canelones, Departamento


Altántida is located in the Department of Canelones, to 45 km from Montevideo for Interspa Route and to 20 Km of the International Airport of Carrasco.

Canelones, Atlántida

Parque del Plata.

In the mouth of the creek Solís Chico is located one of the most important spas of the Cannelloni coast after Atlantis

Canelones, Parque del Plata


It is known for being the city where he was born and our worthy Don José G lived through his adolescence. Artigas, and because there is the biggest cemetery of prehistoric animals of South America.

Canelones, Sauce
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